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Acoustic Ceilings

When the ceiling is of a mineral fibre type whether it is lay in grid or enclosed system we would apply Procoat.

The Benefits of Procoat are:

Acoustic performance retained.
Class '0' Fire rating
Grids coated at the same time
Consistent colour
No clogging of fissures
Non Bridging (tiles don't stick to grids)
Tiles will not warp
Covers heavy stains
Safe, Biodegradable materials
Odourless and non toxic
Minimum disruption
BS Colours available
COSHH recognised

Metal Ceilings

In the case of metal ceilings we would recommend Steelcoat

The benefits of Steelcoat are as follows:

Bright, highly reflective surface finish
Class '0' fire rating
Safe biodegradable materials
Consistent colour
Available in Matt or Semi-Gloss
Variety of colours
COSHH recognised
Minimum disruption
Up to 80% cheaper than replacement

Decorative Steel/Metal Ceilings

Where polished metal ceilings have become dirty with grime, soot, nicotine, car fumes, etc. specialist cleaning is required.

What we bring you is the most successful treatment available to totally recondition and transform your ceiling.

Kitchen & Canteen Areas

The usual remedies of cleaning or painting have never proved effective in permanently removing stains or providing a uniform lasting finish, in Kitchen Area's where metal or PVC coated tiles have been used we would recommend Steelcoat.